Nothing so takes the joy out of life like unconfessed sin on the conscience. Dr. F. E. Marsh tells of the time he was preaching and urging his hearers to confess of their sin and, when ever possible, to make restitution for the wrong done to others.
At the close of the service. A young man a member of the church he was preaching at came forward. “Pastor,” he explained, “you have put me in a sad fix. I have wronged another and I am ashamed to confess it or to try to make it right. You see, I am a boat builder and the man I work for is an infidel. I have talked to him often about his need for Christ and have urged him to come hear you preach. He just scoffs and ridicules it all. Now, I have been guilty of something that, if I should acknowledge it to him, will ruin my testimony forever”.
He went on to say that he was building himself a boat in his yard. In the building of this boat he used copper nails because they will not rust in the water. These nails are quite expensive and the young man had been carrying home quantities of them to use on his boat. He knew it was stealing, but he tried to ease his conscience by telling himself that the master had so many he would never miss them. Besides, he was not being paid what he thought he was worth.
Now this sermon had showed him he was just a common thief for whose dishonest actions there was no excuse.
For weeks the struggle of what to do went on. Then one night he came to Dr. Marsh and exclaimed, “Pastor, I’ve settled for the copper nails and my conscience is relieved.”
“What happened when you confessed to your employer what you had done?”
“Oh, he looked at me and exclaimed, ‘George, I always did think you were just a hypocrite, but now I begin to feel there’s something in this Christianity after all. Any religion that would make a dishonest workman come back and confess for stealing copper nails and offer to settle for them must be worth having.'”
We all at some point have carried our own copper nails in one form or another. Jesus took Three nails and the cross to make it right for our sins. You don’t have to carry them anymore. Come join us at Englewood as we Worship our Lord and Savior the one who took our nails for us! And helps us to make things right.
Hope to see you Sunday!
Pastor Billy Jones