A Time of Change 

As we all know, things are going to be different for a while. However, as we practice social distancing, let’s work diligently not to cause further isolation of some of our most vulnerable friends and neighbors. Many of our elderly do not use social media and are therefore, more closed off from society. Take a few moments and call them, chat with them, let them know you’re thinking of and praying for them. They would love to hear from you. Write a note or send a card. What a surprise for them when they check their mail. Make sure they have basic supplies and medications. For those who have smart phones and computers, let them know we will livestream our service and them make sure they know how to tune in. We will continue to serve God, who is never changing, in an ever-changing world.
Last but not least, pray, pray, pray! Pray for those who are serving on the frontline of this unprecedented health crises. Health care workers, first responders, police, fire fighters across the globe need our support, prayers, and God’s protection. Pray for one another. And always remember, God Loves you and we do too!
God Bless!
Pastor Billy Jones