We All Should Be Upset! 

Why? I’m glad you ask. Because movements get hijacked. Catch phrases get hijacked. Let me give you an example. One NFL player can kneel and it’s ok. But another NFL player stands at the same time and it’s not? When I see a rainbow, it reminds me of God’s promises. When others see it. It reminds them of gay pride. When I see a statue or a plaque, it reminds me of our history and, yes, sometimes a dark past of a young Nation trying to find its way. It also reminds me that we don’t want to go down that path again. When others look at that same statue or plaque all they see is hate. I truly believe that the vast majority of people want equality and justice for all, but the only way that can happen is if we truly look at, and talk about FACTS. We learned from the projections on the virus if our facts are wrong all else is wrong. People of all colors have fought and died believing they could make a difference! I for one still believe they did.

But the one Who can make the biggest difference died on a cross over two thousand years ago. He has the ability to change our hearts. Our eyes. Our minds. His name is Jesus! I pray that if you don’t know him, today you do. God Bless! And remember I love you and God loves you!

God Bless!
Pastor Billy Jones