Christian Character

A weak character in a Christian is a mockery of the Lord Jesus Christ who was faithful, and is our solid foundation upon which we build our livesI Another word for character is integrity. This is the Bible’s word for Character. It simply means “whole” and complete. A Christian who has integrity, is not uncertain of what is right to do, but instead knows what God says to do, and does it, without any doubt or regret. People who live by their integrity, live clean and pure lives, and have no “hidden agendas” – they seek only to honor and obey the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ Himself IS Character, and IS the believer’s foundation, but what He taught us in the Bible must be lived, or it is worthless and vain.
Character is like the foundation of a house – most of it is below the surface. It’s not what you can see. The strength of a house is not the vinyl siding or the glass shutters they put on the outside. It’s not the fancy trim or the frills. These things may improve the appearance, but the strength lies underneath. Christian character is the superstructure of the Christian life. It is what’s below the surface. It’s not a person’s good looks, talent and ability that make him/her a good Christian. It is the character that they have built into their life.

Proverbs 11: 3 ”The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of the transgressors shall destroy them”

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